Meet Chris

Executive Producer

From concept to delivery, I’m involved every step of the way. Creatively, I’ll pitch options within your budget but always with an eye for messaging & quality as I have resources of award-winner partners. Designing project timelines, budgeting, pulling together the right team & guiding you through the process at each milestone, I’ll ensure the final content is delivered as envisioned.


Emmy-award winning show producer. From script to screen, I’ll be involved every step of the process. Highlights include cultivating the right team, guiding approvals, managing the budget, and ensuring delivery.


With over 20 years of experience, including the VP of Production at Adult Swim, I bring a wealth of knowledge to your project. I provide guidance in animation, live action production or production project management when it comes to planning, execution and/or post production. Another offering is strategy planning for short form content, including budgeting and resources.


Whether it’s an animated short or children’s series, a special to pledge to vote, or growing the next generation of creative rebels, I am an Emmy-award-winning producer that believes in the power of asking the right questions to bring an idea to life. With over 20 years of experience, I am quite the jill of all trades as my career spans public and network television, animation and live-action production, studio management, and running my own business. A former executive leader at Adult Swim, I grew into the mentoring space and took active roles in pro-social initiatives, both of which continue today in my production company, Angelfish Productions, LLC.

I started my career at Georgia Public Broadcasting on the award-winning Spanish children’s series SALSA. From there, I produced additional children’s series, a lifestyle series for Discovery, documentaries, and commercials and produced for Crawford Communications. I founded Angelfish Productions in 2004 having the opportunity to collaborate with top clients such as UPS, the CDC, and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

In 2007, my journey began with Cartoon Network. My vast knowledge of animation grew as did my background in creative strategy and executive leadership. Major initiatives included serving as the lead producer for Star Wars: The Clone Wars launch campaigns, the micro-series “My Dad’s a Pro” for the NFL, and the weekly packaging for “Flicks” with host Kevin Wu.

By 2013, I was tasked to start up the Adult Swim On-Air department and manage the in-house production studio. In 2016, I became VP of Production for Adult Swim; one of the first female VPs at the network. As a key liaison for the organization, I provided creative strategy for campaigns and programming stunts while also managing the operational aspects of the department. Project highlights include lead producer on all Rick and Morty launch campaign content, bridge content, and sponsored custom promotions, Executive Producer of a live-action music special for Run The Jewels and Ben & Jerry’s, Associate Producer for the anime series FLCL and the founder of the Adult Swim Collective which was an initiative to increase diversity and representation for On-Air packaging elements.

In 2022, I decided to return to Angelfish Productions with the priorities of giving back to the community, continuing to mentor, and creating amazing content. I have worked with Rebel Girls, Rick and Morty, LLC, Adidas, and Cobb Collaborative. I also serve as a Board Member for the YMCA.

A producer at heart and a leader by nature, I continue to give life to incredible ideas.

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