Executive Producer, Rebel Girls.

Animated social content for International Women’s Day.

Producer, Rick and Morty, LLC.

Custom branded promotional content for Adult Swim. Clients include Adidas, PlayStation and Wendy’s.

Producer, John Austin’s The Embarrassing Young 30th Anniversary Re-Release.

Repackage artwork for digital release and manage PR campaign.

VP of Production, “Never Look Back” by Run The Jewels.

Music video for RTJ4 directed by John Hillcoat.

VP of Production, “Rick and Morty in the Eternal Nightmare Machine.”

Episode featuring Rick and Morty, directed and animated by Paul Robertson.

VP of Production, “The Great Yokai Battle of Akihabara.”

Anime episode featuring Rick and Morty, directed by Masaru Matsumoto and produced by Sola.

Executive Producer, “Adult Swim x Ben & Jerry’s Present Holy Calamavote: A Special Performance by Run The Jewels.”

Live to tape musical performance, simulcast on HBO Max and Adult Swim.

Associate Producer, “FLCL Progressive” and “FLCL Alternative.”

Anime series produced by Adult Swim and Production I.G.

Producer, “The Birth of Captain Murphy.”

Animated short introducing a new character by Flying Lotus, directed by LilFuchs.

Producer, “Off the Air.”

“Dan Deacon: U.S.A” episode for Adult Swim series.

Producer, “Shaq’s Got Next.”

Custom interstitials featuring Shaquille O’Neal for Cartoon Network and Hall of Game.

Producer, “Flicks.”

Custom packaging elements with host, Kevin Wu, for weekly movie night on Cartoon Network.

Producer, “The: 53.”

Interstitials featuring kids performing gravity sports throughout the US, distributed on Cartoon Network.

Producer, “NFL Play60” Campaign.

Interstitials with players and kids to promote physical activity, distributed on Cartoon Network.

Producer, “My Dad’s a Pro.”

Micro series featuring Tony Gonzales of the NFL in partnership with the Cartoon Network.

Producer, “The OrganWise Guys” and Wellness, Inc.

Education series, vignettes & digital content for the W.K.Kellogg Foundation & State of Mississippi.

Production Coordinator & Post Supervisor, Documentary for STD Prevention.

Centers for Disease Control.

Line Producer, Piedmont Park Conservancy PSA.

2:00 Sing-along that aired prior to Screen on the Green, directed by Jon Hill.

Field Producer, “Education News Parents Can Use.”

5:00 Field Segment for US Department of Education.

Coordinating Line Producer, “Norah Jones: Live in New Orleans.”

Live to tape concert, directed by Jim Gabour.

Post Producer, “20 Years of AIDS.”

Documentary for the Centers for Disease Control.

Segment Producer, “Lynette Jennings, Design”

Nationally distributed series on The Discovery Channel; 40 episodes per season.

Research 10-12 episodes per location, coordinate studio segments and produce Atlanta location segments.

Coordinating Producer, “SALSA”

Georgia Public Broadcasting Emmy award-winning elementary Spanish series with 42 episodes over 2 seasons.

Produced Monterrey, Mexico international segment featuring local children.

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